Finance Lease

General Details

Finance Lease gives you the advantage of running a fleet without having to purchase the vehicles. At the end of the lease period the vehicle needs to be sold to a third party and you retain up to 99% of the sale proceeds. This refund can be used to fund the deposit of your next vehicle.

There is no large initial capital outlay leaving your capital free for more productive purposes.

e-drive purchases the vehicle of your choice - using our fleet terms, having agreed on the lease term, the monthly rental and a negotiated residual value.

On termination of the contract, the vehicle can be sold, either by you or by ourselves, and the proceeds offset against the residual value written into the lease. Should the proceeds exceed the residual value, you will receive the excess as rebate of rental.

Services included in the Finance Lease

1) Free sourcing and delivery of your vehicles.
2) Free collection and sale negotiation of your vehicle at the end of your contract.

Additional Optional Services

1) GAP insurance

The Benefits

1) e-drive fleet purchasing power on all makes of vehicles.
2) Costs paid from income not expenditure capital.
3) Fixed monthly rentals for the duration of the contract.
4) The leasing company is able to reclaim all the VAT on the purchase price of the vehicle which is reflected in much lower monthly rentals to you, the customer.
5) Minimum initial expenditure, typically three months in advance.
6) No capital tied up in a depreciating asset.
7) Rentals allowable against tax, subject to IR rules.
8) VAT efficient (50% of the VAT on all rentals can be reclaimed).
9) A residual value (balloon payment) can be included in the lease thereby reducing the monthly rentals.