Sales and Leaseback

General Details

This option will release capital tied up in owning your current vehicles. It is most often used to transfer company owned vehicles into a properly managed fleet basis as part of an outsourcing arrangement. e-drive specialise in working closely with clients to carry out this often complex but worthwhile process.

This arrangement also gives you a useful amount of valuable capital which could be used in other more profit making areas of your company, it can give you the opportunity to take advantage of all the latest tax benefits.

e-drive will arrange to purchase your existing fleet of vehicles at a mutually negotiated figure (your written down value or trade price) and then lease them back to you via Contract Hire. Contracts will run over an agreed period of time at monthly rentals with the residual value risk gone. Maintenance packages can be included and tailor- made to meet with your company’s specific requirements

The Benefits

1) Instant fleet disposal together with operational headaches.
2) Capital which is tied up in depreciating assets will be released and put to more profitable use.
3) All the benefits applicable to Contract Hire.
4) Allows fleet outsourcing arrangements to work efficiently.