Personal Contracts (PCH)

General Details

This is the most common method of funding a new vehicle in the USA (approx 80%).

However, in the UK in spite of all the vehicle manufacturers offering Personal Schemes the only significant uptake is when a company car driver "opts out" and takes cash in lieu of a car. The British Way in their insistence for ownership remains a mystery in as much that whilst no-one in their right mind would buy a house knowing that in 8 - 10 years time it is worthless, yet they still want to buy their car. Slowly the penny is dropping as more people are looking at leasing.

What e-drive offer

1) Free sourcing and delivery of your vehicles.
2) Low initial deposit (from 1 month).
3) Low fixed monthly payments.
4) Fixed contract term and mileage tailored to your requirements.
5) Maintenance option available.
6) GAP insurance and motor insurance available.