A case study on customer service: DR Automotive, Stone, Staffordshire

13th November 2019

Providing top-quality customer service is vital to the success of any company and continues to be the main focus of our commitment to customers in delivering exactly what’s required to fulfil their business needs.


During the course of the last 11 successful years, we have worked with some great partners, many of whom still have us on speed dial when they are looking for vehicles to lease or hire.


One company we have worked with for the last four years is DR Automotive of Stone, in Staffordshire, who shares with us the pride in delivering the best possible service to customers. 


DR Automotive is a successful independent garage specialising in servicing and vehicle repairs and is run by Dave and Dec Roberts, who have many years experience within the industry.


We have established a wonderful working relationship with Dave and Dec during that time and asked Dave to share his thoughts with you on what it’s like working with us.


“My brother met Stuart at a business networking event in Shrewsbury and over the last four years we have taken four vehicles a year from E-Drive as courtesy cars and one van - a total of 17 vehicles in total and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s worked out,”


Leasing is an excellent option for us, it provides tax relief on the business and is ideal in that our courtesy vehicles need to be under three years old. It has to be the right thing for us to do - and will be the right thing for pretty much everybody before much longer.


“We get advice from Stuart, he recommends the best deals and we get good value, good standard cars which fill our requirements and offer a level of comfort for our customers. 


It’s all about who is providing the best deal at the time and Stuart knows his stuff, is very knowledgeable and is able to provide us with the best vehicle at the right price - he goes the extra mile for a better deal.


“What’s important to us is it’s all hassle-free. Stuart is easy to talk to, does all his magic in the background and then comes to us, which is great. He comes in, has a cup of tea and looks after everything for us. Our relationship has worked so well, it’s simply not worth us looking for another company.”

We’ll take that, thanks Dave!


For more about how we can help you meet your vehicle hiring or leasing needs, call on 03332 220065. 


For more about DR Automotive, call 01785 816785, email info@dr-automotive.co.uk or visit http://www.dr-automotive.co.uk/ 


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