Electric cars interest gathering pace

21st October 2020

Stuart Smallwood, director of E-Drive West Midlands based near Shrewsbury, said he had been fielding a growing number of calls about whether electric was a viable option as customers begin to focus on the 2035 deadline for the ban of petrol and diesel cars.

He said: “I’m taking a number of enquiries about electric vehicles, an area which has changed massively and is a big topic at the moment. I believe this is the way the industry will move forward - you may still pay more for the actual vehicle but it’s important to consider the major potential of saving on fuel and tax.

“The range and variety of electric vehicles for individuals and businesses means they are not so much of an issue now, particularly if you can charge it up at home. They have a traveling range in excess of 200 miles but a lot of people don’t do that during a day so can charge up when they get home. It’s a lot cheaper so there’s massive saving there

“From the business aspect they are very tax efficient, helped by the emissions factor and a change to the Benefits in Kind tax from April this year - something firms who run company cars can take advantage of.

“Benefits in Kind tax on electric vehicles is now zero per cent – a lot of ordinary family cars are probably about 20 per cent so to go to zero per cent is great. Next year it will go to one per cent then two per cent, the year after that so it’s definitely worth looking at.

“Depending on what vehicle you’re thinking about there can be significant benefits for businesses, and it’s also worth firms considering smaller company cars – another potential cost-saver.” 

Mr Smallwood said the industry is still facing challenges as it recovers after lockdown.

“It has been difficult for people trying to get hold of car leasing companies, office phones may have been overwhelmed or people simply have not been there to take the calls. They are still working overtime to clear the backlog,” he added.

“If people have concerns, the first port of call is to try and go back to the person or company you got the vehicle from. Many firms have set up a website link where you can find out much of what you need to know.”



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