Considering Electric Cars?

11th February 2019

Despite the gloomy January weather, here at E-Drive West Midlands, we’ve had an exciting beginning to the year and we can’t wait to share our latest news with you.

The world of contract hire and vehicle leasing is constantly changing and we are adept at keeping up with it.

With more and more electric cars on the road in the UK, we are advising more and more of our customers to consider a hybrid or purely electric vehicle.

As a broker, we are a one-stop-shop, specialising in contract hire and vehicle finance and we want to find the best deals for people and give advice on the types of cars its best to go for...and we’ve found that the answer is often to consider an electric car.  With the UK’s Government plan to ban petrol and diesel cars from our roads by 2040, we need to start changing now.

It’s only 21 years away and it’s time we went green!

Pure electric cars still only make up a small percentage of vehicles on the UK’s road but you do see a huge increase in hybrid cars.

A hybrid offers electric drive and an internal combustion engine so has the best of both worlds.

These are some of the pros and cons we ask customers to consider if a vehicle is suitable for their needs


What do we love about electric cars?


  • Zero emissions - The levels produced for charging your car are a mere fraction of the emissions for diesel and petrol cars.
  • Low running costs - charge your car overnight ready for the day and you’ll be using electricity at a lower unit rate. Far cheaper than paying for petrol and diesel!
  • Tax benefits - This speaks for itself!
  • Comfort - The electric motor only makes a very faint noise and vehicles have more room as there’s no need for a huge engine and petrol tank.


What are the cons?


  • Charging points - If the Government wants to hit its target, we need lots more charging points
  • Charging time - you’ll need to be organised. You can’t just fill up when you need to!
  • Battery range - Fear that you won’t get to your destination. Current electric cars have a range of 120-150 miles but soon they hope to cover 300 miles.
  • Price- Electric or hybrid cars cost more than a petrol or diesel powered cars and depreciation takes a massive hit on electric cars. If you lease one, you don’t need to worry about that ….that’s our job!


Leasing an electric vehicle is certainly a good way to try one out before you commit to buying one...and soon it will become the norm so might as well start now!











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