New Emissions test rules this year – what do you need to know?

8th May 2018

You will be aware of the previous publicity about emission charges, and new test regulations (WLTP) come in for new vehicles registered from 1st September 2018.


This is a new way of testing a vehicle for CO2 emissions and mpg, it is a longer test than previously with more variation in speed, quicker acceleration and harder braking. This more accurately represents ‘real world’ driving. It is expected that a lot of vehicles will have increased CO2 values.


There are only three organisations that can provide this test and getting every car for every manufacturer through before the 31st August deadline is not possible.


What does this mean?


After September the figures provided for a vehicle will more accurately reflect actual driving conditions.


Because of the testing requirements manufacturers are already withdrawing some models from sale as they don’t think they will be though the testing in time – this means a limited market - but vehicles that have already left the factory are available.


What can you do?


If you are looking to get a vehicle in the next couple of months talk to us about the availability of makes and models or have a look at the deals – they should be available but we can get the most up to date details from the manufacturer.

Using vehicle with the current emissions data will be good if you want to finalise a vehicle in the next few months.-and if, as expected, current CO2 limits are lower will also benefit the tax and road fund figures.


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